NOTE: Camera drop-off by appointment only. Text, email, or call Chris prior to dropping off. 





Don’t send your precious DSLR or Mirrorless camera off to the manufacturer for sensor cleaning anymore. We are easily accessible to the whole state of Louisiana, located centrally here in Lafayette. You can also ship your gear. (UPS Ground is only 1-2 day delivery from most of Louisiana, MS, and Texas) We service Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Contax and more. We specialize in Cleanings, Autofocus Micro-Adjustment Calibration, and Maintenance.  We also do some minor repair work to cameras, speedlights, studio strobes, and misc flash equipment. Contact us for more information. See below for things that we don’t do. We are not a store front and do not sell or buy cameras. 

Here are some benefits of having your cameras cleaned and serviced locally:

  • Safe – With thousands of cleanings under our belts, you can trust us with your precious gear. 
  • Quick – Most cleanings get done in around 7 days. (Depending on how fast you need it back and when you drop it off)  We can discuss timing when you contact me or when you drop it off.
  • Affordable – If you’re local, you don’t have to pay shipping and shipping insurance, it costs way less to have your cleanings done locally. Saves you a ton of time by not having to retouch ugly spots out of the sky area of your photos. If you ship your gear in, we still do way more than the big companies do, for less.  
  • Experienced – I’ve been in the photography business for 10+ years and have photographed hundreds of weddings and many hundreds of  engagement/bridal/senior/maternity/other types of sessions. (View my work here: ) I know what you’re going through when you’re separated from your camera. I keep your babies safe. 🙂 I tata their battery pack and tell them good night before turning out the lights at night. I have a degree in electronics and have been an electronics/communications technician for the past 20+ years. (more about this in the “ABOUT” section.
  • Quality Work – I’ve had cameras come in that looked like they had teenage confetti parties inside of them. I thought I had found Jimmy Hoffa’s body inside of another. They were all cleaned to perfection when we were done with them.
  • Value – We do more than just clean the sensor. When you send your equipment to the factory, they open it up, clean the sensor, and send it back to you. We clean up the entire exterior of the equipment as well as the mirror, sensor chamber, and the sensor. And, we also clean your lenses for the same price. 
  • Note 1: there can still be some dust left on the inside of your viewfinder after a cleaning. This is because this dirt/dust can be trapped inside the body, like on the prizm or inside of the focus screen. Sometimes, it’s not worth the risk of getting it out.  I can explain. 
  • Note 2: If you see dirt/dust through your viewfinder, here’s how you can tell if it will affect your photo. 1. Take your lens off. 2. If you see the dirt/dust with your lens off, it will not affect your photo. If you only see the dirt when your lens is on, it is in the lens and could affect your photo. 



What do we clean:

  • The exterior of the lenses
  • The Lens caps
  • Lens contacts and mounting rings
  • The entire exterior of the body
  • Inside of the memory card slot
  • Inside the battery compartment
  • Inside the areas where the USB ports are
  • All of the cracks and crevices where dirt likes to hide
  • If applicable, we’ll remove the makeup off of the eyepiece and around the LCD Screen
  • The mirror and the inside of the mirror chamber
  • Inside of the sensor chamber
  • Sensor (I use dry and/or wet cleaning techniques to get the sensor clean.)

Auto Focus Micro Adjustments and Auto Focus Checks:

What does this mean? – I check your body for proper AF operation with each of your lenses. Using a special focus calibration target and years of experience, I see exactly where your lens is focusing, and align the point of focus to the intended plane. Then save that information in your camera’s memory. This ensures that when your camera locks focus, it’s actually focusing on the thing that you wanted to be in focus. It’s a tedious process and it has to be repeated with each lens on each body at multiple distances. If necessary, I tailor the focus to your specific needs. 


  • We offer very limited same-day expedited service appointments. If you’re out of town and need your gear cleaned and/or AF Calibrated, we can possibly do it.
  • You can drive in at the time of your appointment, drop off your equipment, go eat-shop- see a movie-etc around town, then come pick up your equipment when it’s ready.
  • Time will depend on how much gear you bring me and what services you need. Time averages between 60min – 2hours per body. There is no “standard time” for service, it varies a bit from case to case. I can give you an estimate once you tell me about your gear.
  • Your appointment has to be set up in advance.
  • There is an extra fee of $50 per person for this service. If you bring us 2 bodies and 4 lenses, or 1 body and 1 lens, the extra fee is $50 per appointment, per person. 

What to bring to me for both Cleanings and AF Calibrations:

  • Camera body(s)
  • Memory Card
  • Lens’
  • Body and Lens Caps
  • Put them in a camera bag of some kind
  • Fully charged battery and/or your battery charger
  • NOTE: Your camera will not let me open up the sensor unless the battery is more than 75% charged. I can’t clean the sensor with a dead battery. Please bring a charger if possible.

Contact me in one of many ways:

  • Email me at THESPOTLESSCAMERA@GMAIL.COM *preferred method*
  • Text or call me at 337-849-8435
  • Send me smoke signals (least effective but most fun method)

Things we don’t do:

  • Open up camera bodies to repair or replace shutters
  • Open lenses for major internal issues
  • NOTE: Shoot me an email or text with photos and we can decide if I’ll be able to help you out. Some things require very special tools to work on. It’s not profitable for me to acquire all of these special tools for each particular lens or body. I hope you understand.