For Sale

Just in time for Christmas! 


The Spotless Camera is now an authorized Dealer for Kolari Vision Professional quality filters. We offer protective UV filters, circular polarizers, ND and Varible ND Filters, IR cut filters, IR Filters, and more. Ask for pricing. 

We now sell High End filters for all of your photography needs. You don’t have to place cheap filters on your expensive lenses. Contact me for size and pricing.

Dust blowers

Ok, maybe they aren’t quite as powerful as the picture above…LOL But, they are the BEST blower that I have ever found on the market. Introducing the VSGO Hurricane Professional Blower. You can use them for dusting off lens caps, lens hoods, Lens Glass, the mirror inside of the body, the eyepiece and more! We also use them when we go from a cold venue to the hot summer air. Blowing air over the lens helps to warm up the glass to minimize fogging. Contact me for shipping options. In store they’re $30 including sales tax.