This is one of my most common questions after a person has visited us. The answer varies from photographer to photographer, but most often, the answer is about every year.

Some working professionals who regularly use their gear outdoors and swap lenses often will need cleanings more frequently. Some people who never swap lenses can go a year and a half sometimes. But, the average camera should be cleaned every year or when you start noticing spots in your actual images. For instance, if you’re planning a nature photography trip and will be shooting landscapes, PLEASE bring me your gear before your trip. If not, you’ll regret having to photoshop all of those spots out of your sky later. LOL. Here’s a tip, if you’re shooting a regular DSLR, dust/dirt that you can see through your viewfinder cannot get onto your photos. That dust and dirt are hidden when your mirror flips up to take the photo. If you see the dust and dirt when shooting in live view, then it will definitely show up in the photos. Hope this helps!!

The Spotless Camera is locally owned and operated by out of a small shop/studio behind our house. We regularly service gear from all over Louisiana and have gear sent to us from Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, and more. Please visit the main website at for all of the details.

We have cleaned and repaired cameras for people as far away as Colorado, New York, and Florida.