Pricing does not include State and Parish Sales Tax


$75 – Clean 1 body and up to 2 lenses

$15 – Clean each additional lens after the first 2

$65 – Perform AF Microadjustment Calibration to 1 body and up to 2 lenses (Almost always done only after a thorough cleaning by us. There are certain exceptions.)

$15 –¬†Perform AF Microadjustment Calibration to each additional lens after the first 2

$35 – “Quicker Service” Expedite Fee for 3 day service. If you’re local and need your gear cleaned but can’t wait 5-7 days, do this. ūüôā¬†

$50 – “On The Spot” Expedite¬†Fee for same day service.

Repair work will be quoted once the evaluation is completed.

We accept Cash (favorite), Check, Venmo, Paypal, or Credit/Debit Cards. Thanks!!

    **State and Parish Sales Tax will be added to your final price when work is completed.**

    What do we clean:

    • The exterior of the lenses
    • The Lens caps
    • Lens contacts and mounting rings
    • The entire exterior of the body
    • Inside of the memory card slot
    • Inside the battery compartment
    • Inside the areas where the USB ports are
    • All of the cracks and crevices where dirt likes to hide
    • If applicable, we’ll remove the makeup off of the eyepiece¬†and around the LCD Screen
    • The mirror and the inside¬†of the mirror chamber
    • Inside of the sensor chamber
    • Sensor (I use dry and/or wet cleaning techniques to get the sensor clean.)

    Auto Focus Micro Adjustments and Auto Focus Checks:

    What does this mean? – I¬†check your body for proper AF operation with each of your lenses. Using a special focus calibration target and years of experience, I see exactly where your lens is focusing, and¬†align the point of focus to the intended plane. Then save that information in your camera’s memory.¬†This ensures that when your camera locks focus, it’s actually focusing on the thing that you wanted to be in focus. It’s a tedious process¬†and it¬†has to be repeated with each lens on each body at multiple distances. If necessary, I tailor the focus to your specific needs.

    How Long:

    • We can normally get your gear ready for pickup in 7 days or less.
    • We can usually work something out for faster or slower times as well. As a photographer, I know how it is. Just let me know of any special needs that you may have.

    “On The Spot” Same Day Cleanings:

    • We have several openings for same-day services. If you’re out of town and need your gear cleaned and/or AF Calibrated, we can do it.
    • You can drive in at the time of your appointment, drop off your equipment, go eat-shop-work on editing-etc around town, then come pick up your equipment when it’s ready.
    • Time will depend on how much gear you bring me and what services you need. Time¬†averages¬†between 1 – 2hours per body/set. There is no¬†“standard time” for service, it varies¬†a¬†bit from case to¬†case. I can give you an estimate once you tell me about your gear.
    • Your appointment¬†has to be set up in advance.
    • There is an extra fee¬†of $50 per person for this service. If you¬†bring us 4 bodies¬†and 12 lenses, or 1 body and 1 lens, the extra fee is $50 per appointment, per person.

    What to bring for both Cleanings and AF Calibrations:

    • Camera body(s)
    • Memory Card
    • Lens’
    • Body and Lens Caps
    • A camera bag is optional
    • Fully charged battery and/or your battery charger
    • NOTE: Your camera will not let me open up the sensor unless the battery is more than 75% charged. I can’t clean the sensor with a dead battery. Please bring a charger if possible.


    Link to steps for shipping your gear to us