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Pricing does not include State and Parish Sales Tax


$140 – Clean and calibrate one body and up to 2 lenses

$75 – Clean 1 body and up to 2 lenses

$15 – Clean each additional lens after the first 2

$65 – Perform AF Micro-adjustment Calibration to 1 body and up to 2 lenses (Almost always done only after a thorough cleaning by us. There are certain exceptions.)

$15 –¬†Perform AF Micro-adjustment Calibration to each additional lens after the first 2

$35 – “Quicker Service” Expedite Fee for 3 day service. If you’re local and need your gear cleaned but can’t wait 5-7 days, do this. ūüôā

$50 – “On The Spot” Expedite¬†Fee for same day service. – VERY LIMITED SCHEDULING OF THIS SERVICE.

$100 – SONY FX and FS Video Cameras – Blackmagic Cinema Camera Full Rig Cleanings (includes camera and lens combos)

 $25 РRemoval of broken filters from a lens.  

Repair work will be quoted once the evaluation is completed.

We accept Cash (favorite), Check, Venmo, Paypal, or Credit/Debit Cards. Thanks!!

    **State and Parish Sales Tax will be added to your final price when work is completed.**

    What do we clean:

    • The exterior of the lenses
    • The Lens caps
    • Lens contacts and mounting rings
    • The entire exterior of the body
    • Inside of the memory card slot
    • Inside the battery compartment
    • Inside the areas where the USB ports are
    • All of the cracks and crevices where dirt likes to hide
    • If applicable, we’ll remove the makeup off of the eyepiece¬†and around the LCD Screen
    • The mirror and the inside¬†of the mirror chamber
    • Inside of the sensor chamber
    • Sensor (I use dry and/or wet cleaning techniques to get the sensor clean.)

    Auto Focus Micro Adjustments and Auto Focus Checks:

    What does this mean? – I check your body for proper AF operation with each of your lenses. Using years of experience and a few special tools, I see exactly where your lens is focusing, and align the point of focus to the intended plane. Then save that information in your camera’s memory. This ensures that when your camera locks focus, it’s actually focusing on the thing that you wanted to be in focus. It’s a tedious process and it has to be repeated with each lens on each body at multiple distances. If necessary, I tailor the focus to your specific needs.

    How Long:

    • We can normally get your gear ready for pickup in 7 days or less.
    • We can usually work something out for faster or slower times as well. As a photographer, I know how it is. Just let me know of any special needs that you may have.

    What to bring for both Cleanings and AF Calibrations:

    • Camera body(s)
    • Memory Card
    • Lens’
    • Body and Lens Caps
    • A camera bag is optional
    • Fully charged battery and/or your battery charger
    • NOTE: Your camera will not let me open up the sensor unless the battery is more than 75% charged. I can’t clean the sensor with a dead battery. Please bring a charger if possible.

    Blackmagic  Pocket Cinema Camera and Sony Video Camera Services:

    • Complete Equipment Rig Cleanings
    • Sensor Only Cleanings
    • Clean and / or Replace IR cut filter

    Is your Blackmagic Pocket 4K Cinema camera IR Cut Filter dirty? It may not only be dirty, it may be bad. These filters have a nasty problem with “corrosion”. It looks like the glass has “crystals” growing on them. It actually appears that the glass is starting to delaminate. We have a solution for you. We can replace the original equipment IR Cut Filter with a new higher quality glass. Shoot me a text or email to find out more details.

    Link to steps for shipping your gear to us





    Camera cleaning for all of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and more. We clean photography equipment for people from across the US. 

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