Want to learn more about photography?

Tired of watching YouTube videos or spending money on online courses? 

Need some hands-on training to help you learn better and quicker?

I can help!!


Here are some of the things that I teach:

– Basic Photography – building blocks to better photography, how to get that camera off of “auto”. 

– How to use your specific camera – these are complex machines, what do all of these buttons do? I can help.

– Basic Lighting – what kind of gear do you need/want. What is junk vs what is affordable, etc…

– Advanced Lighting – Outdoors or In Studio – What do different kinds of modifiers do

– When to use what certain light modifiers. 

– Adobe Lightroom

– Posing Techniques

– Workflow

– Location Shooting

– And more…just ask

I provide a local option for you to learn. I’ve been doing photography as a business since 2006. I’ve photographed over 300 weddings, countless families and so many other shoots. I say this not to toot the ole horn, but to give you the assurance that, while I don’t know everything, (who does?) I have been there and done that, screwed it up, then figured it out. 🙂 Do I know everything…no. Never trust anyone who says they do. 

Shoot me an email at brewyets@gmail.com or text me at 337-849-8435 for availability. 

Sessions last around 2 hours. I highly encourage people to write down as many questions as they can before the session. Sometimes it’s hard to think about specific questions during the session. 

Session Fee is $150 per 2-hour session. Or, you can pre-pay for 3 sessions for $400. ($50 savings). 


What should you bring to the session? Well, it depends on what you’re learning about. We’ll talk about that before your session. 

Where am I located? Where do I teach? My address is 507 Touchet Rd, Lafayette LA

Visits are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. I am a “home based” business. My studio/office is out in back of my home. Always shoot me a text when you’re on the way over.