Steps if you’d like to ship me your gear:


1. Text or Email me (text is best) to set up an appointment date. When trying to figure out how quickly to ship, think this way: I need about 4 days of “in the shop time” to finish your gear, unless we’ve arranged for expedited service. This doesn’t count the day that it arrives and the day I ship it back to you. So, let’s say you needed your gear back in 9 days, you’d have to purchase overnight shipping both ways. Example: ship on Mon, I receive on Tues, ready to ship back to you on Saturday, actually drop off to ship on Mon, you receive on Tues. 

2. Pack up your gear however you’d like.

3. Bring it to the shipping place of your choosing. (USPS, Fedex, UPS, etc…)

4. Purchase the shipping that you’d like with the insurance amount that you’d like. Please consider not doing “signature required”. If I happen to not be home, they won’t leave it. My drop off area is secured with a ring camera to alert me when they arrive and security cameras looking at the area from multiple angles. 

5. Shipping address is:

Chris Brouillette

C/O The Spotless Camera LLC

507 Touchet Rd.

Lafayette LA 70506

6. Purchase a return shipping label and put it inside the box. OR, I can create my own Fedex Label and ship back to you at $15 over cost. Just let me know the details of how you want it shipped back. 

7. Seal up the box and send me the tracking number.

8. When I receive your gear and am done with it. I will replace your gear in your packaging and put the return label on the box.

9. I’ll drop it off at your carrier and send you the tracking information. 

**Here’s why I require all of this: If you pack it, no one can say I didn’t pack it right. If you insure it for a certain amount, no one can say that I didn’t insure it enough. If you created the return label, no one can say that I sent your gear to the wrong place. Ya feel me.** 

Note: shipping gear with the proper insurance can be very expensive. Especially if you are trying to send it overnight. Check with your shipper to see how fast Ground shipping will get here. If coming from places in TX or MS, sometimes ground shipping is only 2 days to Lafayette. 

Shipping time example: 

So, let’s say you needed your gear back in 9 days:

1. You’d have to purchase overnight shipping both ways.

2. Ship on (hypothetically speaking) Mon, I receive on Tues.

3. We start on your gear on Wednesday and will be completed on Saturday.

4. I will drop off to ship on Mon, you receive on Tues. 

The above is a hypothetical scenario and sometimes we can get it out quicker. But, I won’t put your gear in front of other customer’s gear unless we’ve agreed on the expedite fee.